Sons of Ironhold

Episode 003



Human Date: 2008-01-06
Theran Date: 622-05-05

Thilden is approached by Yavin Kincaid of the Order of the Silver Song. He also agrees to spy at court for Cain Merton.

Zoe Hadley joins the party using a letter of introduction from Lord Reily Jefferson to gain the confidence of Cain.

Davin Bladesman meets Hedley Cooke and learns the unfortunate fate of the Band of Hornets.

Guinevere Mir holds court with a brown and black spotted aphid. It insists that a great evil is afoot in the woods. A mighty chestnut was lost.

Cain needs a new smuggling route to James Crossing since the authorities are closing in on his existing routes.

While blazing the trail the party stumbles on the grisly work of some bandits and a giant ash circle marking the end of the Great Chestnut and the beginning of a new threat.

On the return trip Howie the ochre merchant is introduced.


DanNoland DanNoland

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