Aura Galloway

A woman from Ironhold discovering her purpose in the world.


Aura was born sometime around TY 599. She’s not exactly sure when, because it never seemed that important, especially after losing her parents at the Battle of Grandparents’ Labor and being separated from her love as he fought with the Therans to take Ironhold. She herself campaigned with the Ironhold army, fighting for the freedom of her home despite not quite being of majority. She quickly earned a reputation as a loyal soldier and capable fighter.

After the war she continued to make her home in Ironhold, causing trouble and mayhem directed at the occupying soldiers as opportunity presented itself. It was a soul crushing existence for her, dwelling on the losses of her past and drowning herself in bourbon with no real thought or care for the future. They were the lowest years of her life, and she didn’t even realize it.

It took a group of outland travelers and a series of mercenary jobs from Cain Merton to raise her out of the pit of depression she had been in and find new purpose. For the first time, she took on tasks that took her out of the Kingdom of Irondel and introduced her to the world. During these adventures outside of her comfort zone she encountered creatures and beings she had either thought were fairy tales or had never even imagined existed in the first place.

As she tried to fit all of these new experiences and gained knowledge into her world view, she slowly began to understand just what she had been doing to herself for all of these years. Each new group she came into contact with seemed only concerned with their own part of the world, unwilling or unable to step outside of it unless it was directly threatened with change. Two events sunk the idea into her mind that this was too narrow of a view: the destruction of a Great Tree by a defiler bent on evolving into something greater and her reunion with her teenage love William. For the first time since before the war, Aura had hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future. Her anger, her lust for revenge, her sorrow at the losses of the past suddenly seemed less important than the prospect of a bright tomorrow with the people that she cared about.

As she learned more about the defiler, a burgeoning Ash Beast, it became clear to her that her desire for a happy life with William and a new family of her own could not come to pass if the Ash Beast was allowed to grow in power. She believed that too many people were only concerned with their own existence and that without a push, no one would confront this threat until it had already caused untold death and destruction. If she wanted calm and safety to raise a family in, she would ensure that she would have it. Aura made the decision to end the Ash Beast and claim the future that she now dreams of.

The recent carnage and destruction of the foreign city Almalik and the sheer power of the Ash Beast has only strengthened these notions and increased her determination.

Aura Galloway

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