Kale Kenthell

An aspiring battle mage.


Highly unstable with a penchant for hormone-induced outbursts, Kale was not one to stay in one place too long. He came to Ironhold hoping to become a part of an exciting and worthwhile resistance movement. Instead he became bored with ‘politics’ and helping ‘the people’. Who are these people? You sit unlawfully ruled, and in some cases enslaved, by Theran interlopers. And you only plot and scheme. There must be action! There must be blood! Anyway, he got tired of sitting on his hands and running around in the wilderness, so he decided to move on. Kale made contact with a passing merchant Army and negotiated a fair price. Now all he had to do was get away from the people who had already told him too much of their plans. The plan was simple: rent a hotel room, buy a pig, draw a pentagram and char the floor boards, fill the pig full of so much raw unadultered energy that it will explode, slip out the window, escape into the night.

Suckers even bought it.

Kale Kenthell

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