A strikingly tall blonde woman. She speaks with a strange evenness and selects her words a shade too precisely.


Long ago

Sydney was an elven general of great power and renown. She was considered a paragon amongst the elves of the Seelie Court. One day she received a prophecy that her fate and that of her people would be intertwined with the human royal line of Padma.

Though her allies she learned Padma was threatened by other human forces. She beseeched the Court to send aid. Many of the young elves who had served with her over the endless years sided with her, but ultimately Lord Oberon was swayed by those wishing to avoid entanglements in mortal affairs.

Though Lord Oberon would not agree to send aid, he had not explicitly forbid her from acting without consent of the Court. Though it violated the spirit of her Lord’s wishes, she gathered her most loyal soldiers and officers and led them into the mortal lands.

Her people helped secure Padma and the surrounding areas and taught the human’s many things and together they created a fantastic city unrivaled by human construction: A city of harmony between men and elves. So they co-existed for many years.

Ironfall, Sojourn and Exile

Padma endured for many years to the humans, but just a blink of an eye for Sydney and her cohorts. One night a light appeared in the west. It grew and grew until it was as bright as the noonday sun. It was a mountain of cold iron, which crashed leveling Padma and laying everything in the surrounding area.

The elves tried to use their powers to shelter themselves and their human allies from the destruction, but their magics were a paper shield before the cold iron apocalypse. Her kinsman died in the hundreds and the human’s she’d given up so much to protect died by the thousands.

She awoke near Balin. Her power was broken and she had no memory of how she survived when so many others died. She used the last of her power to return to Faerie. The Elves restored health to her body, but she was Exiled from Faerie.

Recent Past

For several millennia Sydney wandered in a torpor like stat. Her power broken and barely aware of anything outside of the moment, she largely avoided civilization and wandered the countryside.

That changed when 614 when she learned the King’s blood survived and had return to where the Iron Fell.

Sydney journeyed to Ironhold searching for heirs of King. She thought all was lost again when she learned all the members of the noble houses were executed by the Therans, but she knew fate would not bring her to this hellish place only to have the line die before she could arrive.

In 622 she began working with the party to undermine the Theran regime. As she did, she began to incrementally shake off the millennia long malaise that settle upon her when the Iron Fell. With it’s gradual departure so to is she beginning to feel her own power returning, though she still holds only a sliver of her former might.

Recently the party returned Riley Danton to his true form and she is mentoring and helping him adjust to the many recent transitions in his life.


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