Former Slave Barbarian


Born Markar Reimann in Irondale (brother to Mileena Lavender-Reimann)

Age 10 Captured and carried off during the raping of Ironhold before the Theron attack. Sold to Xerian Slavers.

Age 11-17 Lived in a tribe of slaves on the lands of (Chief Buri Boko (Brother-in-laws of the Khan)). His tribe cleared forests.

Age 18 Volker was picked to be a guard for Chief’s wife Mali. Without the relief from chopping trees all day Volker minds starts to boil over. His RAGE builds to the point he is able to overcome the Enchantment over his mind. He slaughtered the Household and escaped into the wilds. (Chief Buri Boko was a way at war and is still out there)

Age 19ish The Wilding Times: Wonder the Xerian Step eating off the land. One day Volker was sleeping in his camp, he was set upon by Lizard Men. They took him back to their village and prepared to eat him. Volker overpowered his guard and slayed the village (adults and children alike, the eggs were delicious.) Not with out fighting the Chief a very large Lizard Man whom very nearly killed Volker. Volker made armor out of the Chef’s hide (Scale Mail.) He also found a amulet that lets you speak to the willing Dead (This was on the Shaman)

Wondering into a town he is soon recruited to be a caravan guard. One night while hunting he comes back with his trophy he finds that the caravan has been turned to Crystal. Throwing down his kill and taking up his ax he followed the trail of crystal to a village of crystal with a demon at the center. In the final Stroke of the axe the demon attempted to corrupt the Axe with crystal. His axe is now tainted with demon crystal. After sating his fury for the moment he wondered on.


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