Blue Orbs

Orbs of Authority and Judgement


Known History

The Orbs are found throughout ancient cultures as symbols of authority. There are two known to and possessed by the Party, one aquired from Amalik as part of an ancient treaty with the elves and another found by in an ancient Druid’s grove near Ironhold.

Known Orbs

The Blue Orb of Amalik – Connected to the people of Amalik. It was given to the Sydney as part of an ancient treaty between Amalik and the Elves.

Thilden’s Blue Orb – Found in an ancient Druid’s grove near Ironhold. It is tied to Thilden and does not appear to be connected to any existent people or civilization.

Ownership Interests

Blue Orb of Amalik

  • Fee Simple Absolute: Unknown presumably the caliph of Amalik
  • Fee Simple Defeasible: Sydney
  • Current Possessor: Sydney

Thilden’s Blue Orb

  • Fee Simple Absolute: Thilden Lansen
  • Fee Simple Determinable for so long as she is using it to defeat the Essence Reaper: Aura

Blue Orbs

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