They are skilled merchants, artisans, and sailors. Major economic activities include agriculture, fishing, trade, textile manufacture, and the production of luxury and finished goods. It is a good bet that any item with fine filigree or inlay with precious metals or gems was produced in Castalla. They also have a nascent banking industry as loans between and amongst nobles required the lending of money to take a half step up from the usury that is common elsewhere. Their ship building technology and navy are the best in the world. However their armies rely heavily on mercenaries to make up for poor organization and leadership.

They are ruled by a hereditary imperial line. The aristocracy has grown exceedingly complex as the court often hands out titles, ennoblements, honors, and social distinctions of all types for services. Current head of state: Emporer Marmion of Castalla.

The prohibition on slavery here varies a great deal by locality. Officially it is prohibited, but Castallian traders near Xeria cannot resist the profits available from the slave trade. A few bribes can make local officials look the other way. Nearer the capital the ban is fairly well enforced.

Cheat Sheet: Influenced by Southern Europe: France, Spain, Italy.


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