They are competent administrators and tough northern warriors. Their major economic activities include agriculture, mining, and production of arms and other forged goods. They also have a reliable sideline in trade both overland and by sea with a competent navy to support their merchants.

They are ruled by a hereditary imperial line. Current head of state is King Langdon of Theros.

Heredity slavery is officially forbidden in Theros and Theran territories. Although slavery may be imposed as a punishment by a magistrate (either for life or for a fixed term), or offered as an alternative to execution. Many slaves end up living short unpleasant lives in dangerous Theran mines. While slavery is rare, the related system of serfdom is quite common. Most subsistence farmers are bound to a lord and owe him always one fifth of their harvest or labor.

Cheat Sheet: Influenced by Northern Europe: England, the Nordic Countries, and Russia.


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