The rulers of Xeria are deadly cavalrymen and cavalrywomen. Major economic activities include conquest, agriculture, and ranching. The newest of the empires these skilled warriors seized the river delta with ease. They organize themselves by family groups of distantly related cousins and have few titles of nobility.

Xeria is the most recent of the great empires to arrive on the scene.

They are ruled by a Khanate with the leader elected by and from the heads of the leading families. The current ruler is Valas Khagan.

Xeria is the only empire where heredity chattel slavery is legal. It is practiced widely. Almost all agricultural labor and building projects in Xeria are carried out by slaves. Slaves may be taken in combat or purchased.

Cheat Sheet: Influenced by Mongolia and the Near East: Mongolia, Egypt, Persia. Language is a combination of Mongolian and Welsh


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