Giada Cole

Cool and intense, this caramel-skinned Priestess obviously comes from a proper upbringing and is a bit pushy with her dogma.


From the Eastern Castallan Kingdom of Tal’Akan, Giada was known as Princess Giada Jakir. Giada got her start living a life of entitlement, literally eating from a silver spoon. The Tal’Akan kingdom, known for horse breeding and silversmithing, was a veritable paradise for a young princess.

At the age of 15 she found a forbidden love, a Xerian noble named Hakim. Their love was intense, albeit short-lived. Ultimately, it was not to be; her father found out and had him executed.

Giada found Solace in the Order of Lost Light, a cult of Tallianna. Her father, while skeptical of her involvement, allowed her the time with the Order under the assumptions that the Gods would watch over his troubled daughter. She learned the ways of the Order and spent every moonless night out under the open sky, naked and bare in the darkness. She attempted to spread the word of the Order, but was casually dismissed as “the eccentric Princess”. This infuriated her. She had learned the truth and others would not listen. She finally steeled away the courage to take the initiation rites of the Order and became a Priestess.

Shortly there after, she met Thaddeus, a well-traveled merchant specialized in Xerian curiosities. After negotiating a fee for abject loyalty and relative safety, she chartered an indefinite place within his merchant caravan. On the night of her departure, she staged a break in, stole the family crest, and made her escape with Thaddeus.

When she initially set out, she was adamantly against using any sort of violence, only carrying a dagger in extreme situations. Thaddeus swiftly educated her on “the ways of the world” when their merchant wagon was attacked by mounted raiders. Her attempts to pacify the raiders were in vain; they refused to see the peace in the darkness. While most of the raiders were killed (Thaddeus employs well trained guards), Giada saved as many as she could. Of the two that lived, their eyes were removed, so that they may judge fairly those they come in contact with. Giada had failed them; she privately paid the price along with them.

She was forced to leave her travelling partner, Thaddeus, and travel with a group of “big damn heroes” so that she might save hundreds of thousands of lives from a horrible defiler that they keep referring to as the “Ash Beast” or “Essence Reaper”.

Since joining the party, Giada was hunted down by her half-brother, Nrngrl (Narangrel). In the interchange, Giada returned her family crest and signed away all rights to her royal inheritance, fully committing her life entirely to her faith.

Now the proud leader of a coven and proprietress of an ever-growing temple in a moon glade near Ironhold.

Giada Cole

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