Tag: Countries


  • Xeria

    The rulers of Xeria are deadly cavalrymen and cavalrywomen. Major economic activities include conquest, agriculture, and ranching. The newest of the empires these skilled warriors seized the river delta with ease. They organize themselves by family …

  • Castalla

    They are skilled merchants, artisans, and sailors. Major economic activities include agriculture, fishing, trade, textile manufacture, and the production of luxury and finished goods. It is a good bet that any item with fine filigree or inlay with …

  • Theros

    They are competent administrators and tough northern warriors. Their major economic activities include agriculture, mining, and production of arms and other forged goods. They also have a reliable sideline in trade both overland and by sea with a …

  • The Sea of Nations

    Between the great powers lies a vast swath of inland territory where they fight their proxy wars. The names and borders of these areas shift constantly. Many of these nations have kings, queens, or leaders with other titles. These client rulers may …

  • Genovia

    Genovia is a small city-state immediately to the south of Irondel. It is a moderately wealthy trading port along [[Harvir River | The Harvir River]]. The two countries share an affection for one another due to their shared history and the mutual aid …

  • Irondel

    Irondel is a [[Theros | theran]] protectorate in [[The Sea of Nations | The Sea of Nations]]. Its capital is [[Ironhold | Ironhold]].

  • Andover

    A closely held [[Theros | Theran]] client kingdom. Being near their border they have long been in the Theran orbit. Their nobilities have intermarried and they are now a reliable ally. TODO: Kings and what not

  • Abriana

    A smaller city-state to the southeast of [[Irondel]]. It competes with [[Genovia | Genovia]] for river trade along the [[Harvir River | Harvir]].

  • Mensah

    A fairly large country south-south-west of [[Irondel]]. The soil is fertile but swampy and prone to flooding from [[Harvir River | The Harvir River]]. TODO - WIllow tree and destroyed Lucien temple with slime are here. Link back to episodes when …